Murder witness confesses in Phoenix


WLWT-TV Cincinnati reports the FBI is investigating a call made to KISS FM in Phoenix in which the caller said they witnessed a murder in Cincinnati 20 years ago. The caller, who identified himself as “Carl,” called KISS FM Wednesday night during the station’s confession contest. He said he watched people kill a well-known bully in 1988 and then dump his body in the Ohio River.

“They jumped him, tied him up. Everyone was like throwing eggs and stuff at him and burning him with cigarettes and just giving this guy back what he’s been giving us for all those years,” said Carl. “We’re all standing there because I just kind of was standing back with my friend watching all this stuff going on and laughing. Then at the end of it they – he was all tied up – they pushed him off the pier into the water.”

The FBI and Phoenix police said they are looking into whether the confession is real, but would not comment further.