NAB adds two television groups to membership rolls


Nexstar Broadcasting Group and LeSEA Broadcasting Company are the latest television groups to enroll in the National Broadcasters Association. Nexstar’s Perry Sook said he’s bringing his company into the fold as broadcasters face both critical issues and golden opportunities.

Nexstar brings 34 television stations into the fold, and LeSEA adds seven, with a three radio station kicker thrown in for good measure.

“Broadcasters are facing a range of critical issues at this time and we’re also presented with a host of opportunities to leverage our local platforms into new businesses,” said Sook. “NAB has strong leadership in Gordon Smith, and we look forward to working with his team to advocate on behalf of free and local broadcasting.”

“LeSEA is proud to rejoin NAB at this critical moment for our industry,” said LeSEA Broadcasting President Peter Sumrall. “With a multitude of issues facing free and local radio and TV broadcasters, it is paramount that we speak with a united voice.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Competition with other media platforms has stiffened as time has gone by, and the need for broadcasters to present a united front has never been more pressing. NAB’s successful re-enlistment of major network O&Os was a key, and increased support from other station groups is an encouraging sign going forward.