NAB applauds heroic radio member stations


NAB / National Association of BroadcastersThe National Association of Broadcasters is justifiably proud of the efforts of the radio industry to help Americans navigate the perilous conditions of Hurricane Sandy – and it’s also ready to help with messaging educating the public about the value of broadcast radio during a crisis.

The NAB sent this message to member stations:

“This past week, radio’s unflappable strength during crisis situations once again shined through. In the midst of power and communications failures, broadcast radio was there, keeping Americans safe.

“As a reminder, the National Association of Broadcasters provides numerous tools to help stations remind their listeners of the power of radio. We have pre-produced spots that encourage listeners to seek out mobile devices with built-in radio, as well as scripts that stations can customize.

“We encourage you to educate your listeners on the reliability of radio during times of crisis. Your station can be a lifeline in times of emergency, as we saw this week during Hurricane Sandy. Make sure your listeners know how to be prepared.

“Please visit our website to download spots and scripts, as well as banner ads that promote If you’re on the East Coast, please consider customizing one of our scripts (Your Lifeline or Always On Always There) to include relevant recent events.

“Thank you for the amazing public service you provide to listeners in local communities across our great nation. The life-saving power of radio in times like these cannot be overstated.”

RBR-TVBR observation: It is events such as this that make the public safety case for an activated FM chip in cellular devices. Cell service regularly breaks down during an emergency – even if the infrastructure is reasonably intact, the flood of users makes using a cell phone nearly impossible.

Broadcast’s one-to-many distribution model puts no strain whatsoever on spectrum, and can keep millions of people supplied with critical life-saving information at the same exact instant. Getting the FM chips activated should be a no-brainer.