NAB continues to press the Hill for radio on cells


The National Association of Broadcasters is making sure that legislators and their staffs continue to be aware of the push to get a broadcast radio chip in cell phones, presenting the recent Harris Interactive poll showing widespread support for such a move by the American public. It has put another ad in Politico, following up an earlier placement about a week earlier.

Here is the copy included in the new ad:

More than 239 million Americans count on local radio to provide the news and information they need daily.
And a new survey1 shows the great majority of consumers not only want radio on their cell phones, they are willing to pay the one time cost to ensure their phone is “radio ready!”

Phones can be made radio ready with components that cost less than a candy bar and weigh less than a tic tac.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the local radio you know and love available in the device you can’t live without – your cell phone?

Let’s keep America safe: Ensure your cell phone is radio ready!

Radio. Always on. Always there.

The ad can be viewed here: