NAB Online Course Puts Focus On FCC Rules


The NAB is offering a new online training course for radio stations containing critical information and guidelines for complying with FCC regulations.

The scenario-based training course tests participants’ understanding of acceptable practices for FCC regulation compliance. The guide outlines compliance related to content, advertising, station operation and management, copyright, and public files and reporting in four learning activities.

The Radio Rules! A Guide to FCC Regulations for Radio Stations course is now available on According to the NAB, participants can gain an understanding of what content is appropriate to post on station websites and social media accounts; learn the rules governing alcohol, tobacco and gaming advertising; and hear brief synopses of topics including license renewal, public file documents, political advertising, underwriting and the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

The course will also provide participants with the legal definition for industry terms such as “payola,” “plugola,” “defamation,” “privacy,” “obscenity” and “indecency.”

Participants will receive a complimentary PDF copy of the NAB publication Radio Rules! A Guide to FCC Policies and Procedures for On-Air Staff. The guidebook also summarizes FCC rules and policies on topics related to programming and station operation for radio station personnel.

Stations may purchase the Radio Rules! A Guide to FCC Regulations for Radio Stations course directly on For bulk or station purchasing options, contact Josh Miely at [email protected].