NAB Radio Board weighs in on CRB


Broadcasters are among many trying to establish a presence on the Internet who see the recent Copyright Royalty Board decision on streaming compensation as a huge if not fatal impediment. The NAB Radio Board has announced its willingness to support any viable remedy.

It issued a statement saying that the CRB decision "…will cause significant harm to broadcasters that steam over the Internet." "The radio board supports a comprehensive approach to addressing the CRB rate determination, including legislation that vacates the CRB decision and establishes an interim royalty rate structure."

RBR observation: The music business is facing immense challenges. Old techniques once used to gain exposure and propel sales don't work the way they used to. Any tune spun by a webcaster is a free advertisement. Every person listening to a webcaster is a potential customer for the music industry. Why they would want to shut this excellent source of free publicity is beyond us.