NAB Show Preview: A Next-Gen HD Radio Data Monitor Arrives


Seeking a more user-friendly method for monitoring and analyzing the full data payload in your stations’ HD Radio broadcasts?

A next-gen HD Radio Data Monitor being unveiled at the 2018 NAB Show may be what you’re looking for.

The monitor comes from DaySequerra, a leading provider of high-performance audio solutions for Radio, TV and Internet broadcasters, has introduced its next-generation HD Radio Data Monitor.

“With more than 300 data fields in an HD Radio data payload, monitoring all this data can be a challenge for broadcasters, especially when it comes to keeping track of Artist Experience images and data designed to enhance a listeners HD Radio experience in the car or proprietary weather and traffic information,” DaySequerra notes.

Its HD Radio Data Monitor brings users remote monitoring via IP and, using software from Xperi, enables verification of data such as Artist Experience along with the integrity of the HD Radio data stream.

As with prior DaySequerra Market Area Monitors, the new HD Radio Data Monitor offers full intelligent multicast scanning along with an extensive suite of features including full RDS-RBDS data analysis, simultaneous HD Radio AAS and LOT reporting for all HD-1 and multicast boradcasts; full SMNP interface, remote Artist Experience artwork and audio streaming capability, email alerts, and proprietary weather and traffic reporting given the appropriate broadcast token.

Joe D’Angelo, SVP/Broadcast Technology at Xperi Inc., has been working with DaySequerra “for years” to ensure that broadcasters have the right monitoring capabilities to ensure the highest quality listener experience. “With close to 50 million vehicles on the road with HD Radio technology and a rapid expansion of advanced services, such as Artist Experience, it is more important than ever that broadcasters have accurate and robust monitoring solutions such as DaySequerra’s HD Radio Data Monitor,” D’Angelo says.

DaySequerra Market Area Monitors have been deployed in more than 3,500 locations since 2006.

The new HD Radio Data Monitor will be demonstrated in NAB Booth N2024, with live data streaming from two remote receivers.