NAB Show Preview: Here’s What Wazee Is Highlighting


At the 2018 NAB Show April 8-13 in Las Vegas, Wazee Digital will highlight a SaaS solution that allows video content to be captured and made immediately available for global access.

It will also show off its portal designed to help rights holders maximize the value of their premium content by connecting with customers who need video.

Digital Media Hub is the company’s centralized, software-as-a-service (SaaS) based solution. Through Digital Media Hub’s user interface, customers can acquire, distribute, enhance, license, and publish metadata-enriched media gleaned from production, postproduction, marketing, and even live-event environments.

Digital Media Hub is powered by Core, Wazee Digital’s SaaS asset management platform built specifically for the cloud, through which users can search, manage, and monetize digital content. Content is captured and ingested directly into Core in near-real time, and once the content enters Core, rights holders can begin working with it in Digital Media Hub immediately and/or make it available externally through permission-based access.

The connection between Core and Digital Media Hub allows users to collect, store, and distribute creative assets through a media asset management system. This type of capability allows rights holders and content owners to take full control of their content.

Also up for a spotlight in Las Vegas is Wazee Digital Commerce, a portal designed to help rights holders maximize the value of their premium content by connecting with customers who need video. Buyers such as filmmakers, documentarians, producers, and advertising agencies go to Commerce to search for and purchase clips to use in their projects.

Commerce is powered by Wazee Digital Core, Wazee Digital’s media asset management system built specifically for the cloud, which is the foundation of all Wazee Digital products and services.

Commerce gives users the ability to transcode and fulfill HD and 4K content automatically. Having direct access to 4K video allows buyers to use some of the highest-quality content for their films, documentaries, and other projects, which improves the overall quality of the productions and shortens the time it takes to complete them.

“We’re seeing a trend in the industry where progressive media and entertainment organizations want the ability to have multiple departments work within one centralized platform,” said Andy Hurt, SVP of Marketing and Business Development for Wazee Digital. “NAB visitors will see how we are connecting archive and monetization with flexible and scalable Wazee Digital solutions.”