NABEF celebrating service


Broadcast TowerThe National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) will be handing out awards this summer to local broadcasters providing exemplary service to their communities. The floor is now open for nominations.

The Celebration of Service to America dinner will be the occasion upon which the awards will be distributed. It will be held in Washington DC 6/16/15. The deadline for entries is 3/3/15.

From NABEF, the categories for honorees include:

Service to America Community Awards for Radio and Television, honoring broadcasters for individual campaigns, projects or programs that serve the public good or otherwise provide exemplary service to their local communities.

Service to Children Awards for Radio and Television, recognizing broadcasters for outstanding programs, campaigns and public service announcements that serve the children of their communities.

Service to America Television Award, acknowledging a television station for the totality of its efforts and commitment to excellence in serving its community.

The organization stated, “The Celebration of Service to America Awards are sponsored and produced by NABEF with major support from Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., Bonneville International Corporation, and the National Association of Broadcasters.”