NABOB getting set for Spring meeting


The National Association of Black-owned Broadcasters is going to use its 34th Annual Spring Conference to discuss taking part in the US recovery from recession, if indeed a recovery is actually in progress. And as usual, the group will be getting out of Washington DC and heading off for Saint Maarten in the Netherland Antilles. The session runs from 5/14-5/19.

The theme of the conference: “Is the Recession Ending, and, if so, How Can We Position Our Stations for the Recovery?”

Other topics include:

* Financial Panel: “What is the Climate for Restructuring Debt, and Can We Start Looking at Acquisitions Again?”

* Washington Update Panel: “Report on Developments and Issues in Washington That Affect Broadcast Station Owners”

* Employment Panel: “Review of Recent Court Decisions That Affect Station Owners and a Discussion of Legal Issues Related to Employer Provided Health Insurance”

* Ratings Panel: “Living with PPM and the Diary – How to Obtain the Maximum Value From the Data”

* Programming Panel: “Is Your Programming Giving Your Audience What It Wants?”

* Sales Panel:  “How to Get In On the Advertising Upswing”

And it won’t be all work and no play – the agenda is filled out with a full array of social events.