NAB/RAB will seek to strengthen radio/label partnership


RadioShow NAB/RABThe radio and recording industries have always had a symbiotic relationship, although it has clearly frayed around the edges in recent years. In view of that fact, NAB and RAB will be holding a session hosted by Carson Daly on how the two can work for each other’s success at this Fall’s NAB/RAB Radio Show.

The session, called Radio, Record Labels & Artists: Creating a Powerful Partnership,” will be held Wednesday 9/18/13 at 10:30 AM.

According to NAB/RAB, the session “…will address how radio, record labels and artists can collaborate and collectively grow their businesses. The session will offer insights and tips on how the three parties can work more effectively together and explore solutions.”

Steve Bartels, president and COO of Island Def Jam Music Group, and John Dimick, senior vice president, Programming and Operations, Lincoln Financial Media will be on hand as panelists.

Daly can be heard daily doing wake-ups on KAMP-FM in Los Angeles, as well as on an upcoming countdown program and on TV on NBC’s “The Voice,” among other things.

RBR-TVBR observation: In our humble opinion the current difficulties between the two industries was purely the result of the labels being caught flat-footed by the internet in general and Napster in particular. They watched as their business model was laid to waste and began looking for cash anywhere and everywhere, and that’s when radio performance royalties suddenly became a hot topic.

It had nothing to do with radio, and ever since, the music and label communities have continued to seek airplay and to brag about airplay received – a pure and true indication that it has value even without a royalty attached.

We sincerely hope that the two industries can stop sniping and resume working together to the maximum benefit of all interested parties.