NAGRA Adds Virtual Meetings To CES Action Plan


“As many people are not attending CES, NAGRA is scheduling virtual meetings to share their news.”

That’s the somber news from the portable audio recorder company based in Switzerland, as the rapid increase in cases of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus has increased the threat of lower attendance to the upcoming event.

The choice of a virtual session or an in-person meeting may become standard for all CES 2022 attendees, as the Las Vegas mega-conference’s chances of even being held at all are now in question.

For NAGRA, interested CES attendees that wish to go with a virtual meeting can use this link: Book NAGRA meeting (Virtual, Zoom)

For those attending CES, one can book a meeting with NAGRA at its meeting suite by using this link: Book NAGRA meeting at CES meeting suite

The highlights of NAGRA’s showcase at CES 2022 include:

  • The Future of Home Network Security: With extensive and proven experience across cybersecurity, IoT and pay-TV, NAGRA combined multiple innovations across Kudelski Group segments to introduce NAGRA Scout, the industry’s only consumer- and broadband service operator-friendly intelligent home network security solution.

  • Game Over for Gaming Pirates: With the shift to online streaming platforms and pre-release short-form content, the gaming industry is being threatened by content pirates. As a partner to some of the world’s largest media providers, NAGRA’s trusted, proven and comprehensive anti-piracy approach, solutions and services can address the emerging gaming piracy threat.


  • Empowering Video Operators to Drive Value with New Audiences: Video service providers are looking for innovative, easy and proven ways offer targeted content and advanced features and functions that meets consumers’ growing expectations. With an increasing need for aggregated solutions that migrate their services from pay-TV offering to digital entertainment hub, NAGRA is working with several customers worldwide to help them realize new opportunities, attract new audiences and deliver value-added propositions.  In the U.S., NAGRA is delivering a turn-key solution for regional providers that delivers all the features and benefits of a Tier-1 service – without the hefty price tag and with the option to incorporate hyper-local content. Recent examples include NAGRA’s work with Jackson Energy Authority, 1Tennessee and IPVconnect.


  • The Cost of Piracy is Adding Up! The pandemic has accelerated the shift to streaming services – and in parallel has also increased the risk of piracy.  Whilst some in the industry believe complying with content owner requirements is sufficient, the evidence suggests that having a clear anti-piracy strategy ahead of releasing content in a multi-channel distribution model is a smart approach.  NAGRA’s recent publication “Piracy has no Boundaries: Protecting Revenue in the Era of PVOD” focusses specifically on how this affects the PVOD market and our showcased solutions offer a range of pragmatic solutions to fit all requirements.


  • Leadership, Vision and Insights: André Kudelski, Chairman & CEO of the Kudelski Group, will be sharing his expertise on the media technologies that will impact the future of the entertainment industry at this year’s Variety Entertainment Summit at CES.  The panel discussion, “Planting the First Flag – The Future of Entertainment Exploration and Innovation” will take place January 6 at the Aria at 3:55 p.m. PT.