National Breast Cancer Foundation taps Gannett


Gannett announced the launch of a major company-wide, cross-divisional campaign for the National Breast Cancer Foundation to promote its Early Detection Program. NBCF’s mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need.

The initiative includes advertising throughout Gannett’s network of media – from local newspapers, broadcast stations and websites to national brands like USA Today, USA Weekend, Captivate, and Nursing Spectrum – for maximum exposure. This is the first such network-wide marketing solution created for a single advertising client by Gannett and is part of a corporate initiative to help clients better reach their audiences through “one stop shopping” for advertising and television production.

Specific campaign elements include:

•An early morning newscast single-sponsor NBCF “takeover” on 20 Gannett-owned television stations reaching approximately 18% of the country and 21 million households. The newscast contains limited commercial interruptions from NBCF complete with public service announcements on behalf of NBCF from prominent television personalities including Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray, Mary Hart, and others;
•Sixty 30-second video vignettes, produced by Gannett Video Enterprises, featuring stories of breast cancer survivors across the country airing three times a day in various Gannett newscasts;
•NBCF on-air promotional spots, also produced by Gannett Video Enterprises;
•Front page spadia advertisement in Cincinnati Enquirer;
•Home delivery pink plastic bag wrap with NBCF’s message;
•Advertising in community papers;
•Advertising in Nursing Spectrum magazine and;
•Four-color, full-page ads in USA Today and USA Weekend;
•NBCF advertising and pink-shaded elevator screens in 763 hotels and office buildings through the Captivate Elevator Network, providing elevator news and information screens in 25 North American markets; • home page header sponsorship and national discussion group and guest blog with Janelle Hail, a breast cancer survivor and CEO of;
•Mobile page on to register for an Early Detection Plan;
•Home page and subfront ads on, the top five Gannett Broadcast sites and the top five U.S. Community Publishing sites.
Gannett topped the initial campaign by donating an additional 20 percent in advertising and production.