National committees break even in November


Both the Republicans and Democrats maintain three national election committees — one each attached to the Senate (DSCC & NRSC), one each to the House of Representatives (DCCC & NRCC), and then there are the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee (DNC & RNC). Between the six of them, they earned just shy of 25M during the month of November 2007, according to the Federal Election Commission as reported by, and almost split that total right down the middle. The Democrats managed a slight edge, 12.7M to 12.5M.

The senatorial race went to the Democrats, 4.2M to 2.4M; as did the House, 4.1M to 2.7M. However, the best effort was turned in by the RNC with 7.4M, eclipsing DNC’s 4.4M total and bringing the two parties close to even for the month.

The Democrats maintained their 2008 cycle lead of over 10M raised. More importantly, they are sitting on 59M cash on hand, more than double the Republican total of 28.4M.

RBR/TVBR observation: The committees are an important source of cash in the electoral hot zones. The liquid funds can be directed to close battleground states and districts to take advantage of opportunities to seize new ground in either house (or to seize a state in the presidential race, in the case of DNC and RNC), or the funds can be tapped to mount a defense of currently held territory if needed. This is a big portion of the cash that makes battleground areas beachfront property, with the downside of perhaps eating up too much inventory.

7-Nov Cycle On hand
Senate (D) $4.2M $49.3M $25.5M
House (D) $4.1M $60.8M $30.7M
Committee (D) $4.4M $50.5M $2.8M
Total (D) $12.7M $160.6M $59.0M
Senate (R) $2.4M $28.7M $10.4M
House (R) $2.7M $43.4M $2.3M
Committee (R) $7.4M $76.9M $15.7M
Total (R) $12.5M $149.0M $28.4M

Source:, FEC