Nationwide launches new campaign


The NY Times reports Nationwide insurance is joining the ranks of marketers seeking to appeal to concerned consumers with nostalgic advertising. In a campaign that began Monday on television, print and radio, Nationwide is reviving its familiar theme, “Nationwide is on your side,” with ads that declare the company is “On your side.” Television commercials will use several notes from the company’s long-time “Nationwide is on your side” jingle.

The spots, via TM Advertising Dallas, feature actual Nationwide employees. The spots are produced in a realistic manner, complete with occasional verbal stumbles by the employees and a shaky look to the camera work.

The previous theme “was very successful” in generating awareness of the Nationwide brand, he added, while the new “On your side” theme is intended to “offer proof how we are different” from other insurance companies.

There will be six commercials initially and additional video clips of the employees will be available on the Nationwide website.

The switch in themes comes as Nationwide is conducting a review for the creative part of its account, in which TM is taking part along with three other finalists. There would be a decision within the month the story said.