NBA work stoppage impacts local radio, regional cable


The national program services that are most affected by the NBA labor strife are ABC/ESPN, both on television and on the radio, along with cable service TNT. The NBA is leased to Turner Broadcast, which like TNT is a Time Warner company. Beyond that, regional cable networks and local radio stations have the most exposure to the stoppage. Local television stations also share in the rights in some markets.

The total value of broadcast rights to the NBA is said to be $930M for all of its broadcast partners combined.

Local radio is part of the media mix wherever there is an NBA team.

Television in all NBA markets includes a local or regional cable sports channel. There are also local television stations that are part of the mix in at least eight of the markets, including Chicago, Charlotte, Washington, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Many markets also have rights holders who broadcast the games in Spanish.

A list of basketball broadcast rights holders, both local and national, is available on Wikipedia.