NBCU sets 9/11 anniversary programming across multiple platforms


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001, NBC News and its fellow NBCUniversal networks and platforms will provide special coverage and programming options for its viewers. Online, september11.msnbc.com will be the source for 9/11 news and information, including archived coverage as well as new reports and story packages.
The following is a list of NBC’s broadcast plans for the September 11th anniversary:

NBC News Special Broadcast
* On Sunday, September 11th, from 8:00 to 11:00 AM/ET (5:00 to 8:00 AM/ PT), NBC News will air a special broadcast covering the nation’s tenth anniversary observance of the 9/11 attacks. (Sunday “Today” and “Meet the Press” will be preempted.)

NBC’s “America Remembers” special broadcast will include the official memorial ceremonies at Ground Zero in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA – the site of the United Airlines Flight 93 crash. Brian Williams will anchor from Ground Zero in New York along with David Gregory at the Pentagon in Washington and Lester Holt in New York. NBC News’ Tom Brokaw, who anchored the network’s coverage of the 9/11 tragedy ten years ago, will also join this special broadcast.

“America Remembers” will span the events and critical moments during the morning of 9/11, including the exact moments the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were first hit, the moment of the Flight 93 crash, and the moments that each of the World Trade Center Towers fell. In addition to live coverage of the memorial events, the three-hour program will revisit the original 2001 broadcast of the attacks and hear from a number of those who lost family members that day.
NBC Primetime Special
* On Monday, September 5th at 10:00 PM/ET, NBC will present “Children of 9/11,” a riveting special that gives a voice to the young people directly affected by the tragic events ten years ago. On September 11, 2001, over 3000 children lost a father or a mother. They come from many different walks of life, but are united by a terrifying shared experience. The special follows a year in the lives of some of these children, watching them overcome the loss and turn their lives around, by achieving ambitions that would make their parents proud. “Children of 9/11” is produced by Janice Sutherland at Darlow Smithson Productions.

NBC News
* Starting on Monday, September 5th, Today will incorporate 9/11 coverage and programming into the show every day throughout the week. On Friday, September 9th, Matt Lauer will be live from Ground Zero for a split show with Ann Curry live from Studio 1A. Matt will give viewers a tour inside of the new One World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower, that is still under construction. Today will also take a special look back at some of the children of 9/11 victims that we first met 10 years ago, and catch up with them to find out what their lives are like today.

* On Friday, September 9th at 9:00 PM/ET, Dateline will air a two-hour special during which NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw, who spent over 100 hours at the anchor desk that first week after the attacks, takes viewers back to some of the most powerful stories reported by NBC News in the days and months following the tragic assault on our nation. Poignant, moving, first-hand accounts take viewers inside the four doomed airplanes, inside the burning towers, inside the panicked households where loved ones waited, inside the heroic acts of rescue workers, and inside the tense towers where the air traffic controllers on duty that morning suddenly faced the most devastating tragedy in aviation history. Brokaw will also re-interview some of the people he first spoke to about the tragedy 10 years ago – reflecting on the stories of overwhelming heartache and loss, while highlighting the inspiring resilience and hope for the future.

* On Friday, September 9th and Sunday, September 11th at 6:30 PM/ET, Brian Williams will anchor special editions of “NBC Nightly News” from Ground Zero. Lester Holt will anchor the broadcast from Ground Zero on Saturday, September 10th.

* Integrating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, NBC News will be asking viewers “Where Were You?” – sharing stories of where people were when they first heard the news of the 9/11 attacks. Specifically on Twitter, the NBC News team will be following #wherewereyou, as users share their memories.

* On Thursday, September 1st at 9:00 PM/ET, MSNBC will debut “Day of Destruction – Decade of War.” The documentary draws from the unparalleled field experience of NBC News’ Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and the distinct analysis and insight of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to take a broad look at the decade since September 11, 2001. The report explores how America responded to the attacks and how the country has changed. “Day of Destruction: Decade of War” will re-air in its entirety on September 9th, 10th and 11th. Produced by Peacock Productions.

* Premiering on Saturday, September 10th at 3:00 PM/ET and re-airing on Sunday, September 11th at 9:00 PM/ET, MSNBC presents the riveting story of the 9/11 Commission hearings with “On Native Soil.” “On Native Soil” captures the content of the 9/11 Commission’s report while exposing new details, including interviews with witnesses who testified for the Commission behind closed doors. It is the story of a loose collection of ordinary Americans – united by their single-minded passion for answers – who challenged a bureaucracy and triumphed. “On Native Soil” is narrated by Kevin Costner and Hilary Swank.

* On Sunday, September 11th from 8:00-11:00 AM/ET, MSNBC will simulcast the NBC special.

* Later that evening on Sunday, September 11 at 8:00 PM/ET, “9/11: In Our Own Words” will air on MSNBC. In this unique documentary, NBC News anchors and correspondents recall their personal memories of reporting live the morning of September 11, 2001. Weaving together the live footage of that morning with present-day interviews, the special covers the first several hours of reporting as the terrorist attacks on America unfolded. From Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw in the NBC News studios in New York, to David Gregory with President Bush, Jim Miklaszewski at the Pentagon and Andrea Mitchell at the Washington Bureau – the NBC News team relives the developments and emotions of that fateful day. “9/11: In Our Own Words ” is an MSNBC original production and was produced for MSNBC by Peacock Productions.

* Beginning on Monday, August 29th through Friday, September 9th, CNBC will be airing segments throughout its Business Day programming focusing on the financial impact of 9/11 on Wall Street, the airline industry and the increased intelligence, surveillance and security in this country, among other topics.

* On Wednesday, September 7th at 9:00PM ET/PT, CNBC will air a special edition of its series “American Greed” entitled, “American Greed: 9/11 Fraud,” which examines the illegal lengths people will go to steal money in times of a national tragedy.

* On Saturday, Sept. 10th at 9:00 PM/12AM ET, “The Suze Orman Show” discusses the money lessons of 9/11 and the simple things you can do to financially protect the ones you love.

* CNBC.com will publish a special report focused on how Wall Street has changed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the decade since, far fewer people work physically at the New York Stock Exchange, security around the Financial District has been hugely increased, and Lower Manhattan is a changed place – now a residential district as much as a business district. CNBC.com’s series of articles and slideshows will take an in-depth look at both the economic and human consequences of the tragic event.

USA Network
* On Sunday, September 11th at 9:00 PM/ET, USA Network will air the world television premiere of “The Space Between,” starring Oscar(R) and Golden Globe(R)-winning actress Melissa Leo (“The Fighter,” “Mildred Pierce,” “Frozen River”). The Academy Award(R)-winning documentary short “Twin Towers,” produced by Emmy Award(R)-winning producer Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski of the long-running “Law & Order” franchise, will immediately follow. The films are presented as part of its Characters Unite public service campaign to combat intolerance and discrimination, and both will premiere commercial free.

* USA is creating a special minisite at charactersunite.com to provide viewers with information and resources on the key issues addressed in the film, including prejudice, religious intolerance and bullying. A study guide also will be available for educators to download and use in classrooms across the country. Additionally, USA will ask viewers to share their hopes for uniting America and to discuss the key issues in a special Character Chatter at chatter.usanetwork.com.

Access Hollywood
* Monday, September 5th through Friday, September 9th, Access Hollywood will feature special celebrity interviews as the stars reflect upon their experiences and memories of September 11th, 2001. Billy Bush sits down with Dan Rather to hear about his emotional post-9/11 interview on “Late Night with David Letterman,” Rob Lowe talks about traveling with a doomed flight crew on a trip before the attacks; Liza Minnelli remembers the spirit of the crowd at Shea Stadium at the first Mets game played in New York after Sept.11th. Other interviews include NBC News’ Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer, and Rescue Me’s Denis Leary.

* On Sunday, September 11th from 8:00 AM/ET to 1:00 PM/ET, Telemundo’s Jose Diaz Balart will broadcast a live show from Ground Zero and include coverage of the official memorial services.

* msnbc.com will live stream NBC’s “America Remembers” program from 8:00 AM/ET- 11:00 AM/ET. September11.msnbc.com will be the source for all 9/11 reports and multimedia packages including a special feature on a NYC firefighter whose ladder company lost half its members on Sept. 11, 2011; a timeline of airport security changes since the 9/11 attacks; and a high-definition panorama of the 9/11 memorial site.

For years, women in the iVillage community have relied on each other for encouragement; they have celebrated triumphs together and stood by one another through devastating loss. On September 11, 2001, this collective community of women rallied together to heal the great wound that was inflicted on the US through the terror attacks. In 2001, iVillage was one of a handful of online communities that allowed people to gather – both across the country and across the world – and together try to deal with the horrific events of that day. Women came to iVillage.com in droves to connect and share both their fears and their love with one another during those dark days.

Once again, for the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, iVillage (www.ivillage.com/september11) will become a forum for women to share, reflect and remember, with a gallery of stories of survival and remembrance, as well as first-person video contributions from iVillage Chief Correspondent, Kelly Wallace, and the nationwide network of iVoices on iVillage. iVillage will also, for the first time, make those posts from the day of the attacks and the months following, available for reading. Heartfelt messages from the iVillage community, at first expressing disbelief, anger and fear, and then acceptance, sadness and pride for our nation, all with an underlying thread of tremendous support from women around the world.

(Source: NBCUniversal)