Neida Sandoval joins GLR Networks


GLR NetworksGLR Networks announced the addition of award-winning journalist, Neida Sandoval, and their new Infopinion radio show. Self-titled, “Neida Sandoval”, is formatted to specifically target Mexican Regional stations and covers all current topics that affect the lives of today’s Latinos, including society, family, economics involving day-to-day life, and the social aspect of health, among others.

September 9th, marks the official launch date of “Neida Sandoval” in the Los Angeles market on 690AM (XEWW) with later plans focusing on national syndication.

In addition to hosting the new infopinion show, Sandoval will head top-of-the-hour headline newscast, “Minuto 60” also starting 9/9. In this she’ll be covering the most important national and international news, with special attention to news from Mexico. With Sandoval and the valuable support and access to PRISA Radio’s vast network of talk/news/sports journalists and correspondents in 22 countries, GLR News Services offer the best quality with the most diverse and tailored offerings available in America. Minuto 60 is currently aired in 70 markets: Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, El Paso, and San Francisco, to name a few.

“Her journalistic credibility, charisma, the natural connection she has with the audience and her great heart makes Neida Sandoval the perfect person to lead the Minuto 60 team. But not only that, the reality is that there’s no one better than her to speak on equal terms with listeners about the events that affect them every day. Her 2-hour program will also be a success,” said Sachari Milian, Programming & Content Director for GLR Networks.

GLR also offers exclusive radio rights for Chivas de Guadalajara and programs such as “El Cucuy de la Mañana”, “Échate Pa’Cá con Ana María Canseco”, “Fútbol Liga Mexicana”, and “40 Principales”.