New AI-Enabled Ad Revenue Tools Arrive From Veritone


AI attribution pioneer Veritone has released commercially, for the first time, its VeriAds network — a suite of revenue tools designed to give broadcast radio and TV stations, podcasters and social media influencers ways to generate more ad revenue from “premium” advertisers.

The network’s VeriAds Spot Network, MicroMentions and Influencer Bridge are each designed to give Veritone’s media partners access to various placement options, from committed inventory to on-demand run-of-schedule options.

Veritone SVP Drew Hilles, who heads VeriAds, says, “These programs open up a new avenue for all media partners – from radio and TV broadcasters to podcasters and social influencers – to generate new, incremental advertising revenue in a straightforward way that minimizes operational impact and doesn’t infringe on their existing inventory. The VeriAds suite of solutions also creates new advertising channels for brands, who can now access new native ad and influencer advertising opportunities.”

New with the application are VeriAds Spot Network and MicroMentions. Similar to traditional broadcast network programs, the VeriAds Spot Network manages the liquidation and fulfillment of run-of-schedule and dayparted ad units for media partners, Veritone says.

“This program is currently available to radio and television broadcasters, enabling them to begin generating revenue immediately,” it says.

MicroMentions is described as “an on-demand live read solution that gives broadcasters full control of their advertising formats and revenue.”