New campaign launched from Sokolove Law Firm


Direct Impact Group, the marketing agency that has worked with the firm for 16 years, has written and produced television and radio campaigns for the newly named “Sokolove Law” — the legal marketer that spends more money on DR advertising than any other law firm in the country.

“We’ve produced over a hundred TV spots for The Law Offices of James Sokolove over the years, but given the intensely-competitive landscape, it was time to get back to direct response advertising basics and focus on crafting a more compelling offer,” says Liz Keefe, Vice President and Creative Director of Direct Impact Group. The campaign’s cornerstone is the new offer: the 24 Hour Promise. This offer answers the most pressing questions for those contemplating legal action: Do I have a case? And, if so, when will the firm start work on my case? As the name 24 Hour Promise indicates, if the prospect has a case, Sokolove Law begins helping the client within 24 Hours.

From a DR perspective, the 24 Hour Promise increased response and lowered the firm’s cost per lead during a 4th quarter radio test; therefore, the 24 Hour Promise was incorporated into the new TV and radio creative that began airing May 4th in the Boston area. “The 24 Hour Promise is being rolled out in these new TV and radio campaigns because it both addresses the targets’ most immediate needs and differentiates our client from the other personal injury attorneys in the market,” says Keefe. Along with highlighting the offer, the campaign’s 23 TV spots and 11 radio spots announce the new name of the firm, Sokolove Law.