New Content Reporting and Custom Metadata For Omny


Triton Digital has expanded the reporting and categorization capabilities within its podcast platform, Omny Studio.

“To provide publishers with a more comprehensive view of the content published by their organization and/or networks, Omny Studio’s reporting functionality has been enhanced to include granular visibility into the total number of episodes and total minutes of audio content published,” iHeartMedia subsidiary Triton notes.

Triton added that its users can now see an overview of the tools that accompany the content, including ad markers, transcriptions, and Headliner videos. “This information can be compared to previous reporting periods and tracked over time, making it easy for publishers to trend both the creation and growth of their show portfolios over time.”

Additionally, podcasters using the Omny Studio platform can now add custom metadata fields to their content, including categories. “By utilizing custom categories, podcasters can increase the discoverability of their shows, helping them to appear in relevant user searches and as a result, grow their audiences,” Triton says.

“We are confident that these expanded and enhanced capabilities will provide our users with the insights and flexibility they need to continue to both create and share engaging content while growing their audiences.” said Mitchell Secrett, Omny Studio Product Manager at Triton Digital. “These latest feature releases further Omny Studio’s position as the leading enterprise-level audio management platform in the world.”

To learn more about the Omny Studio platform, contact [email protected].