New England noncom building a group


We mean this literally – Word Radio Educational Foundation is already the proud owner and operator of WSEW-FM Sanford ME in the Portsmouth-Rochester-Dover NH area. It has plans to become a group, but its other owned license is but a CP; and now it is receiving two more CPs from another noncom.

The two incoming stations are WMRK-FM CP Kennebunkport ME and WMTP-FM CP Conway NH. They are being donated to WREF by Ford Bishop’s New Life Media.

WREF is headed by Ronald R. Malone.

WSEW is a Class B on 88.7 MHz, with 10 kW @ 564’.

None of the other three stations that will be in the group at this point figure to challenge it for flagship status.
The station already owned is WRJK-FM CP Westbrook ME. It’ll be a Class A on 88.5 MHz with 2 kW @ 354’.

WMRK-FM is earmarked as a Class A on 88.3 MHz with 300 W @ 43’.

WMTP-FM will also be a Class A, on 91.1 MHz with 90 W @ 866’.

Two of the directors of WREF also have an interest in noncommercial Morning Star Academy, which also has the license to a DIY project: WWPC-FM CP New Durham NH, another Class A, set to broadcast on 91.7 MHz with 125 W @ 495’.