New Firmware for Gateway and Gateway 4 Codecs


Codec manufacturer Tieline  has announced a new firmware release for Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs supporting RAVENNA, used widely by broadcasters around the world to advertise and discover streams when streaming real-time IP audio.

Integrating RAVENNA support facilitates interfacing between Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs and RAVENNA devices over AoIP networks.

Tieline codecs specialize in streaming low latency, high quality audio over a range of wired and wireless IP transports and facilitate the integration of compressed and uncompressed IP audio streams around the broadcast plant. The codecs are often gateway devices in IP networks bridging between wide area network (WAN) nodes that may include the broadcast plant, other studios (inter-studio links), production facilities and live events. Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs deliver a flexible platform capable of adeptly routing audio between a range of equipment using proprietary AoIP protocols like WheatNet-IP, as well as devices supporting RAVENNA, AES67 and ST 2110-30.

The new firmware release is a free upgrade for existing customers.

For more information on Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs visit or contact Tieline sales at [email protected]