New High Band VHF Hybrid Couplers/Power Dividers Arrive


It exhibited in the snazzy new West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at the 2022 NAB Show. And, this gave Electronics Research, Inc. the opportunity to share in-person the latest news about three new hybrid couplers for high-band VHF television applications.

ERI’s HY0245, HY246, and HY247 high band VHF hybrid couplers are plate-coupled quadrature designs that provide 3.0-dB, 3.98-dB, and 4.77-dB coupling levels, respectively, and they’re each available for purchase.

The hybrids are broadband from 174 to 240 MHz. The hybrid is most often used as a power combiner and also can be used as a power divider.

All standard models are “cross-over” designs with the inputs, when used as a combiner, are on one side of the hybrid and the load port and combined output are on the opposite side. The input port opposite the combined output lags the other input by 90 degrees.

The hybrid is available with any combination of 1-5/8-inch, 3-1/8-inch, 4-1/16-inch, and 6-1/8-inch flanged fixed male ports (order flange hardware separately).

They are lightweight aluminum and compact with only 15.80-inches (401-mm) flange to flange spacing.

Power handling is dependent on flange selection.


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