New owners coming to Flagstaff radio quintuplets


100% of the stock of Guyann Corporation is headed to Flagstaff Radio LLC, headed by Roger and Nancy Anderson, in a deal that will send two AMs and three FMs in the Flagstaff-Prescott AZ market their way.

The stations are coming from Richard D. Guest and Pamela E. Flaherty, identified as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Guy Christian.

The price is a healthy $6.7M, with $4.8M to be paid in cash and the remaining $1.9M paid over time pursuant to terms of a promissory note.

The stations include Country KAFF-FM, Classic Country KAFF-AM and Classic Rock KMGN-FM in Flagstaff AZ, along with Classic Country KNOT-AM and the 80s-90s-current selections of KTMG-FM in Prescott AZ.