New owners "re-launch" Air America with campaign


Air America Radio last week released a new website and ad campaign in conjunction with the official "ReLaunch" of Air America 2.0 today. All 12 Air America hosts starting on the 21st will air some 30+ taped interviews with prominent headliners (who discuss their thoughts on the Iraq war, campaign finance reform and the '08 election, among other topics.

The network's hosts will begin to regularly blog on the 21st ReLaunch, along with Nancy Scola, who has been chosen as Air America's chief blogger. 

The network also kicked off a new "I'm an Air American!" campaign featuring Paul Newman, as well as a series of talent-based ads beginning with Lionel, who joins the network from 9a-12p.

The two new weekday shows include "Lionel" and "The Air Americans" hosted by veteran Mark Riley, with correspondents Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mike Papantonio, David Bender and Laura Flanders, airing at 8p-12a weeknights. The new weekend shows include "Seder on Sunday" from 4-7p Sunday and "7 Days in America" 6-7p Saturdays, a week-in-review show with Arianna Huffington, Mark Green, Bob Kerrey and Bob Shrum.