New satellite in service


Sirius XM reports that its recently launched Sirius FM-5 satellite has arrived at its orbit location and completed all testing. It is now delivering programming to Sirius subscribers.

“For our Sirius subscribers, FM-5 brings significantly improved performance to their cars as well as their homes and offices, or wherever they use their Sirius radios,” said Terry Smith, Chief Engineering Officer of Sirius XM Radio. “We expect FM-5 to provide exceptional service for many years to come, while improving the overall performance, reliability and longevity of our satellite fleet. We congratulate our engineering team on a successful launch and implementation,” he added.

According to the company, Sirius FM-5 is one of the world’s most powerful communications satellites and is the first geostationary Sirius satellite, complementing the fleet of three non-geostationary satellites. Sirius FM-5’s addition to the current Sirius fleet significantly increases the broadcast power of the total Sirius network. Sirius FM-5 is designed to provide more focused power in areas of peak population, such as metropolitan areas on the east and west coast, as well as significantly improving reception when driving under heavy foliage. Its location in a geostationary orbit position over North America (approximately above Texas, at 96 degrees west longitude) assures that home receivers can aim at a fixed point in the southern sky to receive a signal on a constant basis, Sirius XM explained.