New Trump Radio Ad Airs in Iowa


RepublicanDonald Trump’s campaign is reaching the public with radio.

A new pro-Trump super PAC has released a radio ad in Iowa, reports Politico.

The ad praises Trump for not being beholden to lobbyists, donors and political insiders. The one-minute spot from TrumPAC highlights co-founder and tea party leader Amy Kremer and recent Trump endorsements, including one from Sarah Palin.

The PAC is spending “in the mid-five figures” to air the ad, a source tells Politico with more money possibly added in the next few days.

The PAC launched last week with the backing of a jewelry CEO.

The Pac stated it was releasing the ad, in part, to respond to attack ads from a new anti-Trump super PAC formed by a former Mitt Romney aide. That PAC, too, is airing radio ads.