‘New Virtual Format, Still Great Content’: The Kagan Media Summit


New Media Optimism in the Traditional Video Landscape

That’s the theme for this year’s Kagan Media Summit, which participants will again be enjoying “from the comfort of your home,” due to the continuing concerns tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, the Kagan Media Summit will again be a virtual affair. Still, it intends to deliver at its fullest the latest industry trends, research and data from Kagan, industry overviews, and executive Q&As and panel discussions are already in the planning stages.

For the second consecutive year, registered Kagan Media Summit participants will also receive a PDF copy of the Summer 2021 RBR+TVBR Special Report — the exclusive home to the Broadcast’s Best Financial Leaders rankings for 2021.

What can attendees expect?

Spotlight on the U.S. Broadcast Station Industry

Despite record 2020 political ad revenue, the broadcast station industry faces a transitional year ahead. Gain important insights as we discuss major issues looking ahead.

  • While core ad revenues are improving in 2021 coinciding with local businesses reopening’s and the vaccine rollout, it is not the snapback many had hoped for coming out of the pandemic. Retransmission fee revenue growth has slowed over the past year from traditional subscriber churn, however, renewal rate increases and virtual subscriber growth have mitigated a contraction in distribution fee revenue.
  • But there are opportunities for broadcasters to boost revenues and relevance from increased scale through M&A, Next Gen TV, new diginets, broadcast over-the-top launches for TV and digital streaming to go along new advertising categories including sports betting.


Evolution of Television

Traditional and new media companies are battling to find their place in the video market, as consumers move toward non-traditional services and online viewing. Hear how the progression is impacting video strategies, competition, content distribution, and business models to help shape your own decision making.

From now through 4 June 2021, an Early Bird registration rate of $99 is available. To register, please click here to visit S&P Global Market Intelligence.


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