Newcastle Brown Ale launches first TV effort


Newcastle Brown AleThe new national campaign, “No Bollocks,” marks the first time Newcastle has invested in national TV ads, created by the brand’s new AOR Droga5. Shot on location in Newcastle, England, the ads examine the brand’s story, including its history, the glassware and the brewmaster.

 “With this campaign we are going to be very honest with our consumers. Our guys know it when they are marketed to, so we believe it’s time for a beer brand to give it to them straight, just like their best mates would do,” said Charles van Es, brand director, Newcastle Brown Ale. “The people of Newcastle, England — Geordies – don’t take themselves too seriously, love a good joke, and most importantly, they tell it like it is. Our ads celebrate these traits by using a no-nonsense approach, where we are not over promising anything.”

 “Newcastle Brown Ale speaks for itself with these spots, by communicating authentically about the brand’s heritage. We’re also giving our drinkers more credit — and we believe they can handle the truth,” said David Droga, founder and creative chairman of Droga5.

The campaign launched with national TV spots beginning on 4/2. The media mix includes digital and in-bar advertising, and the campaign will also influence on-premise elements, events, social media and PR.


  1. Somebody needs to fully explain the use of the word “bollocks” to these (I assume American) advertising executives. Yes, it sort of means BS – but to say someone or thing has “no bollocks” means they are lacking certain male appendages. In effect, “Newcatle: No Bollocks” means “Hey, people of Newcastle: You’re all cowards”. Tread carefully when using other people’s slang, corporate America…

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