NewsCenter 5 chopper lands on Boston Common after alarm


Hearst’s ABC affiliate in Boston, WCVB-TV, had a bit of excitement on the night of 1/12, as its NewsCenter 5’s helicopter made a precautionary landing on the Boston Common. Thankfully, it avoided people and buildings and landed safely. “Warning lights and an alarm came on in the helicopter. Our pilot, Michael Young, did exactly what he was trained to do and made a precautionary landing,” said WCVB-TV News Director Andrew Vrees.

There were no injuries to either the pilot or photographer. Video of the landing shot from the helicopter by NewsCenter 5 photographer Karen Lippert shows a smooth touchdown without incident.

The helicopter came down at the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets on one of the few areas of the Boston Common that has no trees. The video shows Young making a flawless approach over the Common and landing softly.

The helicopter, a Bell LongRanger, is new to the station, Young and Lippert were testing new equipment.

Boston police said there were no injuries to anyone on the ground. The Boston Fire Department said there was no fuel leak after the landing.

The helicopter is owned by Helicopters, Inc. and operates under contract for WCVB-TV. The pilot is an employee of Helicopters, Inc.