Nexstar High, Cumulus Low


It was a tale of two industries on Wall Street today, as Nexstar Media Group broke the $80 mark once again with a healthy gain. At the same time, shares for the No. 2 commercially licensed owner of radio stations — Cumulus Media — dipped to another post-bankruptcy low.

For Nexstar, a 1.9% climb puts shares at $80.91. That’s good news for the owner of broadcast TV stations and reported suitor of Tribune Media, which saw its shares dip below $80 on Nov. 16, falling to $71.27 on Nov. 20.

Now, one wonders if the small dip was part of Nexstar’s natural rise in value seen across the last five years, when a short fall backward resulted in a big catapult forward.

Nexstar’s 1-year target estimate is $91.82, and December could see the company make it — an achievement that would put NXST at a record high.

For Cumulus, a 7.7% decrease on Thursday put shares at $12 a piece.

Again, trading for CMLS is scant, and just 2,079 shares moved on Thursday.

Nevertheless, the company’s shares are now at their lowest since emerging from debtor-in-possession status and its July 30 resumption of trading on Nasdaq.

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