Nexstar launches “101 Reasons TV Advertising Works”


Nexstar Broadcasting Group announced the launch of “101 Reasons TV Advertising Works.”  This corporate-produced, on-air initiative underscores Nexstar’s commitment to developing new and creative ways to highlight the advantages and benefits of local television and its role as the most effective ad  medium for local businesses. This week, Nexstar began airing the initial 39 vignettes across the company’s O&O stations in 33 markets. 

Each :10 to :20-second vignette will be fully customizable for every Nexstar station to ensure that advertisers receive specific data that best showcases the strengths and value of local television advertising relative to other forms of media.

According to research sourced by TVB, television reaches the most consumers with daily household viewing times across all demographics growing to their highest levels in 2008 at 8 hours and 21 minutes.  Television advertising also ranked by wide margins as the most influential medium and the most persuasive medium (79.1% and 69.7%, respectively) based on surveys with adults 18+.

Said Perry Sook, Chairman, President and CEO of Nexstar: “With the challenging economic climate affecting local businesses, it is important for broadcasters to aggressively advocate for the benefits of local television as the advertising platform and medium that consistently delivers the best results.  Studies show that television is the most effective method for businesses to connect with local customers.  So we are going to use our medium to promote the benefits of our medium.  Our ‘101 Reasons TV Advertising Works’ campaign is a two-tiered approach that outlines the crucial role local television can play for advertisers, while acting as an integral educational tool designed to bolster local sales efforts and capturing essential advertising dollars.”

See the spots here

RBR-TVBR observation: We hope Nexstar will allow the TVB to distribute these vignettes to broadcasters in markets where the company does not have a presence. It’s a great idea and better than PSAs when inventory is left unsold.