NFL negotiations remain in motion


Friday morning 7/22/11 it was widely reported by news outlets everywhere that a unanimous vote of approval signaled the beginning of the end of the labor lockout and the beginning of the beginning of the 2011 NFL season. The early reaction from players has been along the lines of “not so fast” and “what agreement.”

The owners voted 31-0 to approve an agreement (the Oakland Raiders abstained) that would have a 10-year lifespan. According to reports, it includes many elements desired by players, and if approved by players quickly, the locks could come off NFL team facilities as early as Saturday 7/23/11.

But according to a report from Yahoo, early player reaction has been negative, if only because most haven’t seen what the owners voted on.

In order to approve the deal, the players would first have to reconstitute their union, then put the matter to a vote by union members.

Yahoo likened it to the NFL trying to sell the players a house without permitting a home inspection prior to final contract signing.

However, it is believed that most of the elements necessary for an agreement from both sides are present, barring the possibility that the owners slipped something in prior to their own vote. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Players are planning to meet in Washington DC on Monday 7/25/11 to go over and get further information on the the deal ratified by the owners. Vote? Maybe, maybe not — you can STILL stay tuned.