NFL talk, Boomer Esiason still outspoken on Tony Romo's injury


Sideline talk continues:  (On Tony Romo’s injury in Week 2)
BOOMER ESIASON:  I think he’s one heck of a quarterback, and I want to see him play for the next 10 years.  That’s why there has to be somebody on their sideline protecting him from himself. It was a pressurized situation.  He came off of a poor decision in Week 1 in which he lost a game to the New York Jets.  So he felt like he had to go back on the field.  In my estimation, reading everything, listening to everybody, he was either lied to, or he was misdiagnosed. Lied to or misdiagnosed.  In both cases that’s negligent.  And that’s why I do believe the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has to look into it. 

SHANNON SHARPE: If it was Week 14, 15, and you’re trying to get a playoff spot, okay, then I’d say, okay, you have to go back out there.  Week 3, I don’t know the rush or the urgency.  The last time I looked, team doctors and team trainers, their checks had the exact same writing as mine [did] – the Denver Broncos football club.  Where is their obligation and where do their loyalties lie? 

BILL COWHER: I disagree with you.  They [doctors, teams] understand the liabilities involved with the players.  There’s so much attention placed on it.  There’s so many degrees of injuries.  We put concussion on it.  We put punctured lung.  They know the actual injury.  We don’t get all that information.  The bottom line is this, they will not put a player in harm’s way if they feel like it is.  They will present that information.  They will not accept that liability.  Shannon, if it’s okay in Week 14, why is it not okay in Week 3?  Bottom line – the doctor says what is – is there risk for further injury?  If there is, you don’t play him.  If there isn’t, you let him play. 

SHARPE:  Coach, let’s not be naive to the fact to say the doctors are not going to risk liability by putting a player back on the field.  We’ve seen players sue teams and doctors and win. 

COWHER:  I just don’t believe there’s negligence on teams. 

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(On Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s early success possibly proving costly for Bills next season)
CASSERLY: As a GM, I’ve been in this position of re-signing players.  This is one you’d like to have done already.  Why?  He’s only making $3.2 million this year.  Next year if they want to franchise him, to keep him, it will be one year between $14 million and $15 million, totally guaranteed.  A comparable player to me is Kevin Kolb of the Arizona Cardinals.  He signed a contract extension this year for $11 million a year and over $20 million guaranteed. In my opinion, Fitzpatrick is a better player. 

(source: CBS)