Introducing Mobile Measurement … For YouTube Ads


Here’s something new for the broadcast media C-Suites to chew on: Mobile measurement of advertisements has arrived … for YouTube.

Thank Nielsen for the rollout of the new ad measurement tool.

The nation’s dominant audience measurement company on Thursday (6/22) introduced advertising metrics on YouTube’s mobile app with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.

The service build on Nielsen’s current measurement coverage of YouTube ads on desktop and mobile web browsers, and will now provide marketers what Nielsen is touting as “independent and comprehensive cross-device measurement of advertising audiences on YouTube across computer and mobile devices.”

With this launch, Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings clients will have access to age and gender demographics for consumers viewing advertising on the YouTube mobile app as well as reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs).

Measurement of YouTube ads uses what Nielsen says is “a consistent methodology with all other mobile publishers in Digital Ad Ratings—enabling both media buyers and sellers to leverage truly comparable and de-duplicated persons-based measurement across publishers in their media planning and execution.”

David Wong, Nielsen’s SVP/Digital Product Leadership, said, “As more people watch video across digital platforms and devices, Nielsen’s comprehensive measurement of YouTube through Digital Ad Ratings is crucial to provide a complete picture of media consumption. We are proud to be able to provide the market with an independent view of the audience for advertising on YouTube in context of the wider viewing landscape.”

Nielsen measurement of the YouTube mobile app will include future expansion into international markets; for now it is exclusive to the U.S.

The launch of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, and Nielsen measurement of YouTube, was greeted with widespread industry support.

“With such a significant share of consumption happening on YouTube, any marketer buying material amounts of video will appreciate this incorporation into Nielsen’s DAR and the fundamental measures of delivery,” said Bryon Schafer, Senior Vice President, Measurement & Insight at Otter Media.

Rob Cukierman, VP/Strategic Partnerships at Vevo, added, “We see significant value in Nielsen providing increased standardization around how we capture and quantify the continued growth of mobile viewership. It’s important for industry leaders to work together to ensure brands can more effectively target where, when, and what they associate with in reaching an audience on YouTube. Expanded mobile measurement from Nielsen is a meaningful step forward in that effort.”