‘Nielsen One Alpha’ Launches. Disney, MAGNA Are In


The nation’s dominant audience measurement and consumer data analytics firm has said it will reveal “a major step” toward its single cross-platform measurement product by showcasing its newest offering — “deduplicate ad measurement.”

It gets its debut under the Nielsen ONE Alpha banner at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Alpha is the first iteration of Nielsen ONE, a company spokesperson says. It will continue to evolve with new feature additions, enhancements, and model improvements leading up to the launch of Nielsen ONE in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Joining in the launch are The Walt Disney Company and MAGNA, in addition to “several agencies, advertisers and publishers” as Nielsen ONE Alpha participants from both the buy and sell sides of the industry.

“There’s a critical need for the evolution of measurement to truly reflect audiences and engagement, and Disney is uniquely positioned to help define and develop that roadmap,” said Julie DeTraglia, Head of Research, Insights and Analytics, Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution.

Nielsen ONE Alpha will be specific to ad campaigns, unveiling what the company claims is “the first cross-platform measurement system of its kind that offers both comparability and audience deduplication across all screens (linear TV, connected TV, computer and mobile).”

Nielsen continues, “Media buyers and sellers will for the first time have the most holistic view of their ads across consumer delivery systems and platforms in a harmonized and holistic manner—crucial as the linear and digital landscapes continue to rapidly converge. The deduplicated ad measurement metrics account for age and gender information.”

Nielsen COO Karthik Rao added, “All our hard work this past year has positioned us to take this significant step in fundamentally changing the game and providing the industry with what it wants, needs and deserves. We are on track to deliver our single cross-platform measurement solution in the fourth quarter of 2022, as planned and in a manner that will support the $100 billion video advertising ecosystem. The Alpha launch serves as a clear proof point in our ability to deliver and we are working closely with a diverse group of clients on this important step. In fact, Nielsen ONE will bring together all the intelligence we have to date in order to help clients capitalize on consumers’ rapidly shifting media habits.”