No format flip in Sacramento


Entercom did not rebrand KDND-FM “The End” as jury selection began in the civil lawsuit against the station in the death of contestant Jennifer Strange. Rather, the station’s web announcement that “The End is saying Goodbye” was a promotion – 200 songs in a row Tuesday with no commercials.

The rumors that “The End” was going to be replaced on 107.9 prompted Entercom to post an early notice to explain to listeners what was really happening:

“The End isn’t going anywhere. We wanted to clarify that the promotion ‘The End is saying Goodbye.’ does NOT mean The End is going off the air. Rather than wait until Tuesday, we want to tell you today that we ARE saying goodbye to commercials after 9:30 AM on Tuesday. We apologize to anyone who may have misunderstood the promotion,” the station said on its website.

RBR/TVBR observation: We and others had speculated that Entercom would launch a new format and brand so that the latest wave of negative publicity in the local media about KDND would be about a station that no longer exists. But the company is sticking with the station as it is, with its substantial audience, rather than try something new.