No more “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner…?”


The Oscar Mayer brand is launching the largest ad campaign in its 125-year history. “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” marks a new direction for the brand, but still reflects the  heritage of bringing joy to life’s real moments with everyday food that puts a smile on your face.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This” brings to life the happiness and exuberance felt when enjoying Oscar Mayer products. As the first multi-category campaign to span the entire Oscar Mayer brand portfolio, this initiative will serve as the creative umbrella and tagline for five Oscar Mayer products: Deli Fresh Shaved Meats, Deli Creations, Bacon, Hot Dogs and Bologna, and then extend elements to Lunchables Lunch Combinations.

Central to the campaign is the joy of eating Oscar Mayer foods and happy, positive moments with friends and family. The engaging creative executions, developed by mcgarrybowen Chicago, are designed to capture spontaneous “just happened upon” moments – from a mother’s joyful discovery that her son has packed his treasured toys in her brown-bag lunch with Deli Creations from Oscar Mayer, to a fun, first date dinner over an Oscar Mayer Hot Dog. Music plays a central role in the new campaign beginning with a new song, titled “Doesn’t Get Better Than This.”

“Our goal is to be innovative across the board, from our products to the way we market them. This is the first time we’ve had so many of our products under one creative thematic with this magnitude of marketing support,” said Sean Marks, Director, Marketing at Oscar Mayer. “We know the world of food advertising can be idealized, but we’re portraying the way life is – sometimes stressful, far from perfect but also really, really fun. And, we’re capturing moments where people are in good moods, enjoying themselves and each other, as well as Oscar Mayer foods.”

The campaign includes five brand-centric, 30-second television spots in primetime, 12 print and an assortment of digital executions that will roll out throughout the year. The first two televised brand spots – Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh and Deli Creations from Oscar Mayer – will break alongside a one-time, 30-second “anthem” spot that depicts a music-fueled montage of historical and inspirational feel-good moments and a call-to-action to join the Oscar Mayer brand to help Feeding America during the Golden Globe Awards on NBC on 1/17. Print ads will also launch in national weekly magazines, such as People, US Weekly, InTouch, Star and more, and then expand to high-profile women’s and lifestyle magazines, such as Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Woman’s Day and many others.

The launch will coincide with a nine-month charity effort called the Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission. The Good Mood Mission will rally America to come together around good food, creating good moods in support of a good cause. The brand will kick off the campaign with a 1 million pound food donation and ask America to help match that at For every good mood America creates or shares, the brand will donate more food to reach the total goal of 2 million pounds. The Wienermobile vehicles will support the mission as they criss-cross the country spreading miles of smiles and engaging the nation to do the same with a simple click.

The Good Mood Mission campaign will be supported via an integrated marketing campaign that includes:

•the one-time, 30-second “anthem” spot of feel-good moments and charity call-to-action to be televised on the Golden Globe Awards on January 17;
•a Yahoo home page takeover on January 19. MSN will also support the program via content integration and editorial sponsorships throughout the campaign;
•a kick-off event in Los Angeles on January 19 with a giant Good Mood Moment, featuring a celebrity Good Mood Ambassador and a Wienermobile vehicle Flash Mob featuring members of the USC Trojans Marching Band;
•a dedicated fan page at and Twitter handle, @OscarMayer that will launch on January 19;
•a coast-to-coast local market tour with Wienermobile vehicle visits throughout the year; and
•a PR effort within social and traditional media.