Non-Corporate Broadcasters Get An Organization of Their Own


IBA Will Be Live Within Days!

That’s the headline in a communique distributed Friday morning by Adams Radio Group President/CEO Ron Stone, who says that he’s gotten enough support from independent radio station owners to form an all-new advocacy group that puts the interest of non-corporate AM and FM property operators first and foremost.

The Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) is now set to become an official organization, with its formation planned for a late July completion. This will see the actual formation of the IBA into a legal entity, the creation of an initial board, “and getting to work on all the elements we have been discussing that will benefit independent operators choosing to be members of the IBA,” Stone said.

And, now that the decision to launch has been made, Stone expects more owner-operators to sign up and become an IBA member. According to Stone, some 496 owners and operators support the idea of the organization. They represent just shy of 3,000 radio stations.

An early supporter of the IBA is Bud Walters, President of Cromwell Media Group.

“Independent broadcasters outside the major markets have a lot in common as we seem
to be in a different business than large markets broadcasters,” Walters said. “There is good reason to explore this idea of working more closely together.“

Those interested in learning more about the IBA can visit This temporary site will only remain active until the new IBA site is operational.