Noncom creates combo in Des Moines market


A clear sign that this deal involves a pair of non-profit entities is a contract provision stating that the right to collect “donations receivable” will be retained by the seller.

The buyer of KIHS-FM Adel IA is St. Gabriel Communications, which through a sequence of subsidiaries has an AM station that serves Iowa’s largest market.

The station is coming from Calvary Radio Network Inc., headed by James Motshagen. Also included is a translator, K233BT, licensed to Des Moines. The in-town boost is necessitated by the KIHS signal, a Class A on 88.5 MHz with 500 W @ 207’,which is oriented too far to the west of Des Moines to place its primary signal there.

The price is $600K cash.

St. Gabriel is headed by Joseph E. Teeling. It has a subsidiary, Trinity Commuinications Inc., which itself holds Putbrese Communications Ltd., the licensee of KWKY-AM Des Moines. Unlike the incoming FM, KWKY has no problem reaching the heart of Des Moines. Its Class B 1150 kHz signal has 2.5 kW-D, 1 kW-N, DA2.