Noncom gets a Missouri two-market ‘tweener


SoldLake Area Educational Broadcasting Foundation has a deal to acquire a youthful FM station that does not get its primary signal into Arbitron-rated territory in the state of Missouri. However, its secondary signal makes it far enough west to hit Joplin MO, and far enough east to get over Springfield MO.

The station is KITG-FM. It’s coming from Calvary Chapel of Joplin, headed by Keffery A. Kingery.

The buyer is headed by Jame J. McDermott and others.

The station will bring in $133K for the seller, the bulk of which will be backloaded.. LAEBF will make a down payment of $8K and strike a promissory note for $125K to cover the rest.

The station is a Class C2 on 89.5 MHz with 34 kW @ 315’.