Noncom Midwestern FM triple play sold


SoldThree stations on the low end of the full power spectrum are going from one non-profit to another in a deal involving near-the-border stations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Although the trio is in the same general part of the world, they aren’t all that close to one another.

Included in the deal are KLXG-FM Goodland KS, KLXO-FM Beaver OK and KLXD-FM Springfield CO.

The seller is Better Public Broadcasting Association. Dennis Burton signed off on the deal for the organization.

The buyer is Whiplash Community Radio Network Inc., headed by Christopher and Katherine Lash.
The price for the threesome is $31.2K. Whiplash will extend a $400 down payment, add $1.2K in cash at closing and then make 47 monthly payments of $400 to account for the remaining $18.8K.

Although the Kansas station is near the state’s border with Colorado; and the Oklahoma station is near the state’s border with Kansas; and the Colorado station is near borders with both Kansas and Oklahoma, all of the stations are some distance apart, with small Class A contours that preclude any kind of overlap.

KLXG-FM Goodland KS is on 88.9 MHz with 200 W @ 56’. It’s in the northwest corner of Kansas not far from the Colorado state line.

KLXO-FM Beaver OK is on 91.9 MHz with 100 W @ -71’. It’s on the eastern end of the Oklahoma panhandle not far from the Kansas line.

KLXD-FM Springfield CO is on 91.7 MHz with 250 W @ 151’, and is in the extreme southeast corner of the state near the line with both of the other two states.