Northeast storm is news in Montana


KRTV-TV (CBS) Great Falls, MT reporter Kay Rossi is a bit late showing up for work, stranded by the blizzard after spending Christmas in Connecticut. But the station is making the best of it – and getting some national publicity.

With a 10-person news staff, KRTV feels the pinch when one reporter is out. But the station improvised and had Rossi report via phone on her personal experiences with being snowbound and trying to deal with the storm that has snarled air traffic for much of the nation. Her reports on the KRTV website and her Twitter updates attracted the attention of the New York Times, which reported on her reports.

Back in Great Falls, KRTV posted this update Tuesday on Rossi’s efforts to get back to the newsroom.

With any luck, Rossi is expecting to be back in Montana on Friday.