Not your client’s problems


Michael RuddUnfortunately it is not your client’s problem. Commission structure change?  Not their problem.  Your problem, find more clients to make up for it. No new events this year?  Not their problem.  Your problem, create a new event to provide value for them. Need an increase in rate?  Want their help to hit your budget?  Etc Etc Etc!

What we sometimes perceive to our client’s that they need to do something that we ask of them, that they need to take action, is simply not their problem.  It is our problem and no one else’s.  It may even be a problem that arose from a change in the company we work for so we try to say that is our company’s problem.

Once again it is now our problem and we are the ones who are going to have to dig ourselves out of it.  That’s the bottom line and there is no other way around it.

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