Nova M Radio files for liquidation


Liberal Talk net Nova M Radio is filing for bankruptcy liquidation, according to the company’s co-founder. Anita and Sheldon Drobny founded Nova M in 2006 and have been funding the business partly out of their own pockets. Nova M’s highest-profile host, Randi Rhodes, vanished from the airwaves earlier this month over an internal dispute. The network had 34 affiliates.

Nova M’s other host, Mike Malloy, has transitioned to On Second Thought Radio Network LLC (see related story). The money behind On Second Thought, Dr. Mike Newcomb, who was involved with Nova M until last year, describes his new network as "talk radio for independent minds." He is using former Nova M station KNUV in Phoenix the flagship.

RBR/TVBR observation: Now that Obama is in, there is nothing for Liberal hosts to complain about right now. So networks like Nova M and Air America are having a tougher time of it with listeners (not to mention the economy affecting ad sales). Also, their reach is limited because of puny signals….advertisers want more.