November 2 is Traffic Director's Day


Traffic Director’s Guild of America’s CEO Larry Keene is reminding all in the media biz that Traffic Director’s Day is on Tuesday, November 2nd (the date coincides with the first commercial broadcast on KDKA on November 2, 1922). Traffic Director’s Day is a day set aside to recognize and say “Thank You” to the unsung heroes of the so-called back office staff that funnels all the station’s efforts onto the logs, through automation playback units, then reconciled log audits and off to Billing. In some stations, that involves several key professionals; and in others it’s just one or two people handing the end-result efforts of your entire Administrative, Sales, Programming and Technical staff. In either situation- they are primary links in the Revenue Management chain.
As Keene suggests: “Please take a moment to say thank you–either with a quick visit to their office or cubicle area, or a phone call. Or, if possible something modest to express the appreciation of all the internal people they serve year round.  Maybe some danish or donuts, flowers, or treat Traffic to lunch. (If you can join them, it would be even more appreciated, of course). Certainly dinner from a trade account is always most appreciated. Hopefully, a walk down the hall (or over to your cubicle) to say a sincere “Thanks for all you do” comment seems in order. But, let’s not lose sight of the fact that everyone, in every department is working harder, longer, under more stress and facing some big-time concerns right about now.”

He says this may be one of the best Traffic Director’s Day, to date, based on the initial responses they’ve received from advance e-mailings last week to the names submitted by members to receive ‘reminders’: “For many, a simple “thank you”, for others some nice treats for breakfast snacking, lunch at others, and even more at several other we’ve heard from. It’s not a national holiday, of course – Hallmark isn’t cashing in on the sales potential of Traffic Day greeting cards (although we’ve always felt they should).  I do know of several really nice gestures from a few State Broadcaster Associations, a few clusters are planning some added surprises and at least two major, major traffic software companies are telling me to “Stand By.” (I think that means “film at 11…)”

Traffic Director’s Day really applies to all phases of the inner-office from Continuity, Production, Billing, Business Office, etc. It’s one day a year to do something that shows you appreciate that without you (and without Traffic) there would be no bottom line.

On Traffic Director’s Day, RBR-TVBR hopes you’ll take the initiative and be a part of it.