Now Aloft From Osprey: HDMI and SDI Video Converters


Dallas-based Osprey Video is now shipping its two newest small-form-factor scaling converters.

The HSCSA-2 converts HDMI video to SDI, and the SHCSA-2 converts 3G-SDI video to HDMI.

After conversion, each model performs scaling, frame-rate conversion, deinterlacing, and audio embedding and de-embedding on the resulting signal.

Osprey claims the new scaling converters are unique in their ability to both embed and de-embed audio within a single unit.

“With these compact multifunction converters in their arsenal, video-production crews will be prepared to use and process any available source,” said Scott Whitcomb, business development manager at Osprey Video. “In terms of audio embedding and de-embedding, crews can now do both jobs with one converter when it used to take two — an Osprey capability that helps save space and control costs.”

The HSCSA-2 and SHCSA-2 scaling converters automatically accept SDI input up to 3G Level A, provide scaling and frame-rate conversion as needed, and offer motion-adaptive deinterlacing.

As part of their unique embedding/de-embedding capabilities, they can de-embed input audio and output it as AES/EBU and analog, and they can embed an alternate audio source into video output.

The HSCSA-2 model offers three parallel SDI outputs up to 3G, with output selectable from either HDMI or CVBS inputs. The SHCSA-2 model offers a secondary SDI failover input with parallel HDMI and CVBS outputs.

Compact and portable, the HSCSA-2 and SHCSA-2 converters fit into any signal chain, such as between cameras and switchers or monitors. The units will be used primarily in remote production of live events but are well suited to production workflows in fixed broadcast studios, Osprey notes.