Now Appearing In the U.S.: Appear


A company known for its media processing and delivery technology is launching operations to support contribution and distribution in the North American market.

It’s an entity spun out of Tandberg Television in 2004 by 11 former employees that has gotten attention in Europe for its low-latency video delivery.

The company is Appear, and it “provides the backbone” powering its clients in the production, telco and broadcaster realms that wish to make immersive live experiences possible for their viewers.

Appear is headquartered in Oslo. The launch of North American operations is being done to support the company’s desire to tap into the Americas, with business expansion on its mind.

Dedicated headquarters are launching later this year; a team is already stateside in Nevada, California and Minnesota.

To scale up the North Amercian business, Appear recently appointed Ed McGivern as its North America General Manager and Mark Andrews as Vice President of Sales for North America.

McGivern has “extensive knowledge” of the live production and contribution markets, with more than 25 years of sales and business experience at companies including Grass Valley, Nevion and Tektronix.

Mark has an extensive technical and sales background, having previously worked at MediaKind, SeaChange, Ateme and Harmonic.

Since 2008, Appear has had a presence in the U.S. market thanks to its partnership with Sencore, in which it delivered distribution and contribution products under the DMG brand. While Appear is launching its own North American operations and will sell directly to customers, Sencore will continue to be “a strategically important and valued partner” in the region.

Appear’s hardware and software products include:

o X Platform: a high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security and advanced compression solution for the remote production, contribution and distribution markets.

o XC Platform: a modular head-end platform for IPTV and broadcast, supporting content acquisition, compression, stream processing including scrambling and multiplexing, with distribution options for cable, satellite and terrestrial networks.

o X10 DSNG: a dedicated solution for digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) that supports encoding, decoding and satellite uplink and downlink in a single chassis.

o NEO10: a software-based compression solution that comes pre-installed on Appear’s hardware that removes the complexity found in traditional server-based solutions.


Appear will be exhibiting its products and make its North American debut at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Appear plans to introduce a new product at NAB — stay tuned for more as RBR+TVBR attends the event, with in-person coverage from April 23-27.