Now Launching: OpenRTB Support for Audio-Only Out-of-Home


Vistar Media, a programmatic technology provider for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising segment, has extended OpenRTB integrations to include audio-only out-of-home opportunities to marketers.

As such, The Trade Desk is the first omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP) to support this extension, allowing it to programmatically purchase audio inventory from networks such as Vibenomics.

An emerging category within the out-of-home media landscape, audio OOH “allows brands to influence consumers with engaging messaging seamlessly blended into a retail environment,” Vistar says.

Call it addressable advertising, radio style — but, minus the local radio station airing throughout a store.

“With the growth we’ve seen from both DOOH and Audio as separate emerging channels, it was the logical next step to expand our omni-channel offering into audio OOH,” said Maggie Mattingley, Senior Manager of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “Through Vistar’s new audio capability, we continue to provide the best possible digital media available for advertisers and agencies to deliver a holistic digital advertising campaign.”

To be fair, the technology is likely in use at large retailers with a regional or national imprint, such as a grocery store chain.

In a recent visit to Tint World in Boynton Beach, Fla., Hubbard Broadcasting’s WRMF-FM was audible in the showroom; a nearby Hyundai dealer had sibling WEAT-FM “Sunny 107.9” on for customers.

Still, it presents a possible opportunity for Radio — unique streams to retail that it could use for its own addressable advertising opportunities.

“Exposing our unique audio inventory to omnichannel DSPs such as The Trade Desk to transact against Audio Out-of-Home is a logical next step in the growth trajectory for our network and the industry at large,” said audio industry veteran Paul Brenner, today an executive at Vibenomics. “The reach of our audio network combined with Vistar’s market-leading SSP capabilities helps the buy-side flex their programmatic spending, target specific market areas, provide brand support and measurement such as incremental lift and return on ad spend.”

For more information about Vistar, please direct inquiries to [email protected].

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